Chevrolet Driveshaft Photo Quality heavy duty Chevrolet Drive Shaft also known as Chevrolet Driveline or Chevrolet Propeller Shaft is available new or completely remanufactured with new U-Joints, CV Joint and Center Support with bearing - complete with Free Shipping and ready to install. This Chevrolet Drive Shaft will carry the necessary torque with ease. Our Chevrolet Driveshaft will fit perfectly and is built from high quality materials to last. To prevent vibration at all speeds, drive shaft balancing weights are welded to the shaft. Every driveline is painted, balanced at 3,500 RPM and shipped completely assembled.


All our drive shafts are shipped via UPS Ground with Free Shipping. For remanufactured units we also provide you with a prepaid shipping label to send the old driveshaft back so you can get your core deposit back quickly. Simple, no hassle and headache free!

Chevrolet Drive Shaft Models

Chevrolet Driveshaft Technology

Chevrolet vehicles have many variations of driveshafts from a one piece to two piece rear driveshaft and a one piece front driveshaft. Chevrolet vehicles produce tremendous amounts of horsepower! The large 4WD pick-up trucks and SUVs are hard working machines with big engines. This translates to an extreme stress on the two-piece Chevrolet Driveshaft design, and failure is common both for front and rear shafts.

Most rear-drive Chevrolet drive shaft consists of a two-piece shaft which has a center support and U joints. Some Chevrolet models have a front driveshaft which incorporates a CV style shaft in some of the later models. Some driveshaft models come originally with a staked-in U-joint which is not replaceable by regular means.

Chevrolet Driveshaft Problems

Diagnosing a Driveshaft problem is not simple. In most cases the problem can’t be duplicated when the vehicle is on a hoist, because there is no load on the wheels. The most common Chevrolet drive shaft problem is a vibration at speeds between 30-60 miles per hour. Noise from the center support bearing is also common, as is vibration in 4WD. Taking your vehicle to a qualified Chevy technician to diagnose a driveshaft failure is always a good idea.

Our Warranty and Commitment

Our drive shafts come with a full one year limited warranty.

Drive Shaft Technical Support

If you have any technical questions or a driveshaft problem and need advice, please Contact Us. We will be glad to help! Our tech support staff includes a certified ASC Master technician who is here to help with your Chevrolet vehicle needs.


We have the lowest prices and carry the highest quality product. We are committed to giving you the best possible savings. Buy your Chevrolet Driveline from us at wholesale prices and save!

Chevrolet Drive Shafts Are What We Specialize In, And It’s What We Do Best!




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