Photo of VW Touareg Driveshaft VW Touareg Drive Shaft or propeller shaft is the mechanical drivetrain component that transmits torque and rotation between the transmission/transfer case and the differential. The VW Touareg Driveshaft is a carrier of torque - it is subject to torsion and sheer stress. It must therefore be strong enough to bear the stress.

The Touareg have two driveshafts, a rear Driveline which is a two piece shaft that incorporates a center CV joint and a center support to allow for variations in the alignment and distance between the driving and driven components, and a front short one piece shaft that connect the transfer case to the front differential.

Failure of the rear propeller shaft center support bearing is very common for this vehicle and a good replacement is imperative to the correct function of the vehicle.


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VW Toaureg Driveshaft Design

Originally made with a weak rear driveshaft center suport bearing, this rear 2 piece VW Touareg driveshaft incorporates a Center support and bearing next to a middle CV joint in the center of the shaft, also a Rear CV joint is mounted in the back of driveshaft. It is very common for the Center support bearing to fail and make noise which will cause a driveshaft vibration. The front driveshaft is a straight tubular shaft with a single CV joint mounted on each end, the amount of failure of the front shaft is not as common as the rear.


Our Volkswagen driveshaft is made by state of the art machinery and with a heavy duty materials, it is an OEM Fitment and is built to last. The center support bearing is improved for long lasting operation and vibration free design. We will also provide you with correct installation tips and pictures

Replacement Parts

All replacement parts for the Touareg such as CV joint and center support are available from us. It is something you may want to consider in case of a future breakdown after warranty, and it is something the competition can't do.

Drive Shaft Technical Support

If you have any technical questions or a driveshaft problem and need advice, please Contact Us. We will be glad to help! Our tech support staff includes an ASE Master technician who is here to help with your VW Touareg drivetrain needs.

Shop and order your VW Touareg Driveshaft from us at a wholesale price and with fast delivery.



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