Photo of Subaru Legacy Driveshaft In the automotive market for All Wheel Drive, the Subaru Legacy holds a much respected place. Its all-terrain capabilities are well known to many nature lovers and hikers.

The Legacy uses a transmission with a center differential and Viscous coupling all built in to the manual transmission. This set provides a 50/50 torque split between the front axles and the rear via the driveshaft under normal driving. In case of slippage in the front or rear, the viscous coupling will change the ratio to 80/20 front or vice versa. For the automatic models Subaru used a multi-plate transfer clutch instead of the center differential setup. In addition, the torque split is slightly different - up to 90/10.

Failure of the rear driveshaft is very common for the Legacy. A vibration during speeds between 30-60 mph is very common. The U joints will fail causing vibration and eventually a destruction of the center support. High quality Legacy Drive shaft replacement is important for the correct function of this vehicle.


Choose Your Legacy Drive Shaft

Subary Legacy Driveshaft Design

The rear 2-piece driveshaft connects the transmission to a rear differential. It incorporates a front Slip Yoke which is connected to a U joint and to the drive shaft tube. A center support is installed in the middle of the shaft with a CV that allows the change in angle necessary for the vehicle. In the rear a flange attached to a U-Joint is the connection point to the differential.


For our Legacy driveshaft we made the following improvements and changes over the unreliable original design:

On the rear drive shaft we offer both new and remanufactured drivelines where all moving components are replaced with quality heavy duty parts.

Our propeller shaft is made on state of the art machinery. It is an OEM Fitment product. All our driveshafts are speed balanced at 3,500 RPM and are built to last and perform with high quality materials to give you long lasting operation and a vibration free product.

Replacement Parts

All replacement parts, such as U-joints, center support bearing and front slip yoke, are available from us at a low cost. Replacing these parts is something you may want to consider in case of a future breakdown after the warranty ends, and it is something the competition may not be able to help you with.

Drive Shaft Technical Support

If you have any technical questions or a driveshaft problem and need advice, please Contact Us. We will be glad to help! Our tech support staff includes an ASE Master Technician with over 30 years of experience. He is here to help with your Subaru Legacy drivetrain needs.

Shop and order your Subaru Legacy Driveshaft from us at a wholesale price and with fast delivery.



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