2007 Hummer H3 Drive Shaft

    COMPLETE DRIVESHAFT – Ready to Install
Replaceable U Joints Installed
Part # A30010N
NEW Drive Shaft
Price:  $470.25
"Core" is your old part and it has a replacement value if a dollar amount is assigned to it. We will need the "core" to refund the core deposit. A prepaid shipping label will be provided to you with the box or by email. A $0.00 core charge means that we do not need the core. Core:       $0.00
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2007 Hummer H3 Drive Shaft
Hummer H3 Drive Shaft 2007 photo
Length 23 5/8 inch – Measure the tube length only, from weld to the furthest weld. (how to measure)
Hummer H3 Drive Shaft 2007
Hummer H3 Drive Shaft 2007
Complete NEW Drive Shaft Ready to Install
Free Shipping for Driveshaft
1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
Fit Note: Front Drive shaft, H3, Length 23 5/8 inch
Hummer H3 Driveshaft 2007 – Complete NEW Drive Shaft Ready to Install, high speed dynamically balanced, includes new U-joints, CV joint where applicable and center support. All built with the highest quality materials, each drive shaft is inspected vigorously and speed balanced at 3500 RPM which exposes the slightest in play - as little as 0.002 of an inch.


Hummer H3 Drive Shaft was manufactured originally by Hummer with a non-replaceable, staked-in U joint. Our circlip design has replaceable U joints installed. This gives you the ability to change worn components in the future without the need to replace the complete drive shaft. Our Hummer H3 Driveshaft is manufactured to last, with new heavy duty U joints, CV Joints and center support where applicable. Every Hummer H3 Drive Shaft is balanced at 3,500 RPM, They are painted and shipped completely assembled and ready to install. We use only the highest quality components and materials on our drivelines.

Our Hummer H3 Drive Shaft comes with a one year warranty and free shipping. Buy your quality propeller shaft from us, and get the ultimate in strength, reliability and savings!




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